Nana Renew Her Contract With Pledis Entertainment
Nana has extended her contract with Pledis Entertainiment. The news about the extension of Nana's exclusive contract was delivered directly by Pledis Entertainment through an official announcement released on Tuesday (11/19).

The agency stated, "We want to confirm to you that Pledis Entertainment singer and actress Nana (Lim Jin Ah) has extended her contract with the agency."

"Since debuting in 2009, Nana has built deep trust and affection as Pledis Entertainment artist for 10 years, and she actively promotes as a top actress, and is a good example for other artists in the agency."

"With the loyalty that we have maintained as the foundation, Nana has recently extended her contract after last extending the contract in 2017, thus making us once again feel happiness as her companion."
Finally the agency wrote, "We hope that fans will continue to provide support to Nana in the future and please give lots of love to her, who will continue to walk toward the top of her career with Pledis Entertainment," the agency concluded.

Nana herself was last known starring in the drama 'Justice' on KBS2 with actor Choi Jin Hyuk. (
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