South Korean Minister Discusses The Exception of BTS From Military Service
The South Korean Minister again discussed the exclusion of BTS members from compulsory military service. 

On October Noh Hyeong Ouk as minister of the Government Policy Coordination Office said that a comprehensive review reflecting current trends was needed to discuss the mandatory military service duties of famous K-Pop stars, including BTS members.

He said, "We need a comprehensive review of exemption from military service for those in the K-Pop industry, in order to reflect the current expansion trend of South Korean cultural content."

Under current military law, exemption from conscription applies only to national athletes who win medals at the Olympics or gold medalists at the Asian Games and musicians who win international competitions.

Noh Hyeong Ouk suggested conducting a review of the law and adding popular K-Pop stars to the list of exceptions.

Of course, a suggestion from one of the South Korean ministers again sparked pros and cons opinions among Korean netizens. (
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