Super Junior's Leeteuk Said that He Close to BTS J-Hope's Parents
Super Junior's Leeteuk surprised everyone when he claimed that he close to J-Hope BTS's parents. This was revealed by the leader of Super Junior when starring in the latest episode of the program 'Knowing Brother' on Saturday (12/10) yesterday.

Through the program, Leeteuk claimed to get popularity among parents after becoming the MC in the 'The Best Cooking Secrets' program.

He then told that he had met with J-Hope's father in a sauna. "He was the first to greet me and say that his son was also a celebrity. And he later claimed to be the father of J-Hope."

"A few days later, I met J-Hope's mother and aunt while exercising at my apartment gym. That's how I got close to J-Hope's family. I was even invited to their home and exchanged contacts with them. But the funny thing is, I don't have J-Hope's number or related to him."

In addition Leeteuk also talked about his interactions with BTS members when he was the MC at an awards show. At that time J-Hope had not said a word and Leeteuk asked him to deliver his speech. Leeteuk then said that he was close to his father, who was immediately greeted by laughter by J-Hope.

You can see the trailer for the episode 'Knowing Brother' through the following video! (

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