Reap Criticism, F(x)'s  Victoria Expresses Anger and Said This Strickly
F(x)'s Victoria had received hate comments for not posting anything related to the news of Sulli's mourning. Even without the netters know, Victoria has canceled all her schedules and chose to return to Korea to attend Sulli's funeral.

After attending Sulli's funeral scheduled on Thursday (10/17), Victoria's Instagram account uploaded a photo of her memories together with the previous F(x) group. Not forgetting she said the goodbye message that she wrote on the caption. This seemed to dismiss the words of the netters who had called she did not care about the news of Sulli's death.
Victoria apparently also left a message on her Weibo account. She blatantly wrote her frustration to the netter who had always been giving malicious comments. Not only for her, but for anyone who has felt the same way.

"Since when did Weibo, WeChat and Instagram become rulers? The ruler with whom we measure ethics, people's relationships, emotions, whatever people want to measure'' she wrote. "The public platform is a place where you can share things with other people. When will it be the place to hold a show? you can post if you want, and if you don't want to, you don't have to. There is no empathy, only yourself."

"If you want to see the show, then shout. If you want to make a rumor, go on," she continued. "I'm not extraordinary, I just want to live my life better, than people who leave nasty comments."

''Don't speculate. If you have time to make a story, what do you think about spending time on something more meaningful? Please don't let comments and social media be your life,'' she said. "You cannot find an identity if you live in a world of falsehood. People need to walk through reality. Please don't waste your time."

"Please don't tell others what they have to do with their lives. Even well-meaning advice has its limits. Do not overtake. What is your right to tell strangers to do this, or not to do it, when your own life is more ruined? Everyone's life is different and unique. Who has the right to tell others how to live a life?"

"Focus on your own life," she concluded. ''Live in the present. If you live with a kind heart, that's enough." (
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