Jennie's Unhealthy Photo and Be Carried By Jisoo Is Become Spotlight Among Netizens
BLACKPINK has just released the Japanese version of the mini album "Kill This Love" on Wednesday (10/16). BLACKPINK is ready to do promotional activities in Japan.

On Thursday (10/17), BLACKPINK member departed for Japan via Gimpo International Airport. As usual, their arrival was welcomed by many reporters who were ready to share their photos.

One of the photo successfully caught public's attention. The photo shows Jennie who seems unwell is carried by Jisoo. This made netizens worry about Jennie's condition and thanked Jisoo for being take care of Jennie.

Some netizens said:
"I'm very worried about Jennie's health. Take care of yourself. Don't get sick. Eat well. But Jisoo has taken care of her. Jennie fighting!" 

"Jennie, don't get sick. Jisoo, thank you. Jennie, we will always be with you," 

"Jennie, don't get sick and stay healthy always! I always support you, BLACKPINK. We love you very much, Jennie!"

"Jennie, if you are sick, you can rest. I really want to see you rest for a while. And it's okay to show that she's sick, rather than trying to pretend she's okay. I always support you. Don't worry, you're the one who shines more than anyone. I love you! "

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK recently attended the 70th birthday for Adidas. They commemorate the launch of Adidas Ultraboost (Hangeul Limited Edition) at Yeongdeungpo Times Square with world soccer star David Beckham and many more.

However the event reportedly did not occur at the scheduled time. Some media reported that BLACKPINK arrived at the event later than it should. They were said to be 20 minutes late and made David Beckham wait.

TV Daily Media even reported that many reporters left the show due to the BLACKPINK delay by including related photos. As a result, the group and YG Entertainment as the agency received various criticisms from the public. Nevertheless, BLACKPINK's stylish appearance successfully amazed many people. (

Jennie's Unhealthy Photo and Be Carried By Jisoo Is Become Spotlight Among Netizens
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