Same with Krystal, IU Apparently Always Accompany Sulli Since the Funeral Home was Established
News of Sulli's death on Monday (10/14) greatly surprised the public, especially those closest to her. IU is one of the closest friends who really lost the former member of F(x).

As is known, Sulli was found passed away in her home in Seongnam region. The police stated that Sulli died of suicide due to suffering from severe depression allegedly the main cause was the hateful comments she received during her lifetime. This "Goblin" singer ended her life by hanging herself.

Since the news of Sulli's death was released, IU has not shared any posts on social media. Insiders revealed that the star of the drama "Hotel Del Luna" continued to accompany Sulli at the funeral home for 3 days since the funeral home was established.

According to an exclusive report, IU spent 3 days in a funeral home after the news of Sulli's death. "IU has been in a funeral home since it was founded for Sulli. Because they were very close, IU remained by the deceased's side in deep sadness," said the source.

Sulli's funeral is held privately, closed to outsiders or journalists. Some details about the funeral process were not revealed at all. But it is said that all members of f(x) were attend the funeral.

Similar to Krystal's situation, IU also received malicious comments for not posting anything on her social media about Sulli's death. Although IU announced that it would soon stop all teaser releases and content for her new mini album "Love Poem".

The real reason IU didn't post anything was because she was next to Sulli at the funeral home. It is well known that IU and Sulli are good friends. IU even wrote a song for Sulli titled "Peach". Sulli also supported IU by appearing as a cameo in "Hotel Del Luna". (
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