Jessica Lee Reveal 'Idol School' is More Like Drama Because The Participants Asked for ActingJessica Lee became one of the former participants of "Idol School" who reveal the depravity of the survival program. In her YouTube channel, Jessica Lee claimed to be herself who asked the staff to be eliminated in the inaugural round.

In the same video, Jessica also revealed other facts related to evil editing and how the writer of "Idol School" would interview participants for hours with the intention of waiting for participants to say something the staff wanted.

Jessica revealed the interviewer was frustrated when she shared honest thoughts about her experiences at "Idol School" (including when she said she was very happy when eliminated).

Jessica again criticized "Idol School" for claiming to be a reality show and suggesting that Mnet's program should be called a drama. "Like Hae In mentioned, it's really like a drama," Jessica said.

"There are times when we have to look at a blank screen and react. There are times when we have to answer to our mentor, 'Yes, mentor!' when we were not actually there," Jessica continued.

Jessica then explained about the contract offered to several participants. "I was asked to sign a contract during the program before I was eliminated. They said they planned to create a B team from people who didn't debut," Jessica continued.

"I refused and they asked me again after being eliminated. They deliberately changed words like, 'If you don't want to be an idol, we can give you an opportunity to act as well', they asked me to contact them if they change their minds. But I refused again," concluded Jessica. (

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