Netizens Asked 'Night Of Hate Comments' Program to Dismissed After Sulli's Death
Public is currently sorrow by the news of Sulli's death on Monday (10/14). The former member of f(x) was found dead in her apartment located in the Seongnam area.

According to the Seongnam Sujoeng Police Station, Sulli was found passed away in her apartment in Seongnam by the manager on October 14 at 3:21 pm local time. Her manager last contacted her at 6:30 p.m. local time, the day before.

Sulli also reportedly actually has a shooting schedule program "Night Of Hate Comments" on the day of her death. But JTBC program staff couldn't contact her until he was surprised when he heard that she was dead.

Sulli's death, which is allegedly due to suicide, is also grieving comments from South Korean netizens. Many are demanding the "Night of Hate Comments" program to be stopped because it is considered to be one of the causes of the "Goblin" singer depression.

"Night of Hate Comments" itself is a program that carries the concept where guest stars are asked to read nasty comments for them. Sulli was one of the MCs of the program but sometimes she also read nasty comments about her.

Some netizens comment:

"Get rid of the show, it's not fun and touching at all. Why would you ask someone to stand there and tear their wounds like that? I think the show is crossing the line, it makes me feel dirty."

"'Night Of Hate Comments' ??? The program shouldn't get permission to start. The producers and PDs should know to get rid of it."

"Yes, stop showing. Why do you make someone read bad comments about them."

"Stop the show. The program has been controversial since the start of the broadcast. Do they really think the celebrities will be relieved after reading malicious comments about them? The production company should be the part responsible for Sulli's death. responsible, but this program made her read publicly about her malicious comments. JTBC needs to issue an apology."

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