BTS' Jimin Post on Twitter for The First Time After His Birthday
BTS' Jimin turned 24 years old on October 13. Jimin's birthday broke a record in Twitter's history. He became the only person who was able to dominate the trending world topics from the order of 1 to 20 because the BTS' fans made hashtags related to his birthday trends worldwide.

In addition to enlivening Twitter with a variety of hashtags, Jimin fans in Korea and around the world are also holding massive projects. Jimin fanbase from China was even able to bring snow in October to celebrate the idol's birthday. They also rented 34 buildings in China to play birthday advertisements.

On Tuesday (10/15) at 1:41 am, Jimin shared a post on Twitter. The idol apologized before thanking all those who wished his birthday. He also shared cute photos with snow mountain backgrounds.

Jimin wrote "Everyone, I'm sorry for being late. I slept too long. I'm really happy because so many people wish me a happy birthday. I feel like I'm the main character. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my birthday, which isn't something special, meaningful. I love you"

Jimin's post successfully make ARMY around the world flooded it with expressions of love. The fans thanked Jimin for making them happy just by seeing him happy.

"Seeing you truly happy is the best sight in the world. I hope you can feel how much you are loved by so many people around the world on your birthday and feel it every day," fans said.

"Your birthday is special for the simple fact that it was the day you came to this world, to make it better. You bring light to so many people, you make us very happy just by being yourself. I hope you know how special you really are, Jimin" concluded the other. (
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