Mingi Will Absent From ATEEZ Schedule Due to Health Issue
Mingi is rumored to be absent from ATEEZ activities because of his health problems. On Tuesday (15/10), KQ Entertainment announced that Mingi could not appear with ATEEZ in the episode 'The Show' today.

The agency explained, "ATEEZ member Mingi visited the nearest hospital after feeling pain in his joints and is currently waiting for the check up result."

"It should be noted that he will not be able to attend on today's schedule, in order to undergo further check up."

"We apologize to the ATEEZ fans who attended the 'The Show' program today and to the fans who support Mingi. We ask for sincere understanding from all fans, and we will give further announcements based on the results of the inspection. Thank you"
concluded the agency.

Hopefully Mingi can recover soon and get back to doing activities! (www.onkpop.com)

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