Korean Society Make Petition that Netizens Must Used Their Real Name After Sulli's Death
South Koreans make a petition to require netizens to use real names on their usernames. The petition was made via the Blue House website, after Sulli reported suicide after experiencing depression because of many negative comments from netizens who use anonymous usernames.

Therefore Korean netizens make a petition so that the government immediately makes laws that require internet users to use their real names, so that no more netizens dare to make negative comments behind their fake names.

In the petition, Korean netizens also wrote, "We demand the most severe punishment from those who make negative comments leading to Sulli's death. Other celebrities like Jonghyun also suffer from comments like this. "

"If the law does not change, there will be more incidents like this in the future. Please make revisions to the law so that those who write hate comments get severe penalties" wrote the petitioner. (www.onkpop.com)

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