Look Handsome at Concert in Riyadh, V Becomes the Disscusion Among Arab's Women on Social Media
It's not secret if V does have beautiful handsome visuals. The good looks of V also successfully re-enchanted fans this time when BTS held their first concert in Saudi Arabia.

In the concert which is a series of "Love Yourself Speak Yourself Tour", V performed with his alluring charm. While carrying a green microphone, V appeared energetic and made ARMY unable to distract themself from him.

No wonder if later V became a hot topic and Arabic public discussion. On Twitter, many Saudi Arabian women ask about V who drugged them with his alluring charms.

 Here is some of netizens currious about V;

"The one with the green mic and the earrings successfully stole my heart,"

"What's the name of the one with the green mic and the one wearing the earrings? He is very handsome"

"The one with the green mic made me look at him for a second and then continuously" others exclaimed.

Meanwhile BTS concert in Saudi Arabia previously got pros and cons. Many parties who opposed BTS held a concert there because the country's treatment of human rights was contrary to BTS's mission as a UNICEF ambassador. (www.onkpop.com)

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