This Tattoo Shop Feel Disappointed With Big Hit Response After Involved Dating Rumors with BTS Jungkook
The tattoo shop TA2LUV revealed the bad comments they received through the latest post on Instagram. These comments they got after one of the tattooed artist rumored to be dating with Jungkook last month.

Various bad comments that they get from swear words and some accusing them of intentionally spreading photos of Jungkook and their tattoo artist while together.

The TA2LUV wrote, "There are hundreds of comments like this that we get every day. Yesterday, we talked with some of BTS fans about several things, and we understood that the people who attacked and blackmailed us were not BTS fans. I believe the situation will pass easily if we just silent as Big Hit suggested to us from the start."

"However, should I still receive messages like this after more than a month since the incident, attended a police investigation because someone reported our tattoo shop, received psychiatric assistance, could not sleep every night, and spent every day drinking?"

"And are you asking me to be quiet when my family, friends and acquaintances are attacked, cursed and blackmailed? We continue to contact Big Hit for advice on how to deal with this problem."

"Initially, Big Hit expressed their regret and advised us to remain silent because everything would be fine after time passed. We blindly trust and follow their words. And of course, we are sure they will take the appropriate action or speak on our behalf."

"In the end, Big Hit told us that they were not responsible for this incident because it happened during Jungkook's vacation and they haven't contacted us since that. In our last call, they made it look like we were hoping for some kind of compensation, so we firmly told them we didn't need it and we never wanted it."

"We have experienced a lot of pain and damage, and until now we continue to get a dangerous situation."

"We started to think that we were so stupid because we had allowed ourselves to be treated like this by Big Hit and bad comments. So after thinking a lot, we told some fans about our situation through online messenger."

Regarding the relationship between the tattoo artist and Jungkook, they reiterated, "I will tell you once more! Mi Joo and Jungkook aren't dating at all, the rumor of their initial tattoo is also fake, and all related photos and videos were not leaked by our tattoo shop staff." 

This tattoo shop also clarified that they had never tried to use Jungkook to boost the popularity of their shop. They also claimed that they had not contacted Big Hit and Jungkook for a long time.

Finally TA2LUV claims to be suing netizens who make bad comments and will not consider them fans of BTS, but cowards people. (

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