Korean Government Will Make a 'Sulli Law' to Resolve Bad Comments
South Korean government will forming a new constitution that uses Sulli's name. Based on reports from World Today media on Wednesday (10/16), lawmakers in South Korea made a proposal to establish the 'Sulli Law' in order to combat malicious comments on the internet.

This proposal was submitted by 9 members of the National Assembly, which consists of 100 organizations and 200 celebrities who have received malicious comments and colleagues who want to give their support to Sulli.

Later the proposal will be discussed after 49 days after the death of Sulli, in early December which took place at the National Assembly Memorial Hall.

With the establishment of the 'Sulli Law', it is hoped that there will be no further celebrities who are victims of malicious comments on the internet. (www.onkpop.com)
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