HINAPIA Show Their Song 'DRIP' on 'Show Champion' Before Officially Debut
Rookie girl group's HINAPIA performed the song 'DRIP' on music program before officially debuting.

HINAPIA is a rookie girl group made by Al Seul Bit Entertainment whose four members are the former of PRISTIN's member .

Although will make their debut with the first album single 'New Start' on November 3rd 2019, HINAPIA first appeared in 'Show Champion' on Wednesday (30/10).

Through their debut performances, the five HINAPIA members performed the song 'DRIP' with a powerful and charismatic performance on stage.

Curious as to what the appearance of HINAPIA when performing the song 'DRIP'? Just watch the video of this performance in the program 'Show Champion' below! (www.onkpop.com)
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