BTS Final Concert Gets Perfect Scores From British Music Magazine NME, Fans Give Testimonials BTS has successfully completed a long series of world concert tours titled "Speak Yourself". This concert is an additional concert for a series of concert tours titled "Love Yourself" which ended on April 7th.

This "Speak Yourself" concert tour opened for the first time on May 4 in Pasadena, Los Angeles. This tour was held on many continents such as America, Europe and even Asia. The series of world concert tours was then closed with a performance in Seoul, South Korea for 3 days.

"Speak Yourself" which was held on 26th, 27th and 29th of October left a lot of praise from fans and people on social media. Not only that, various special performances from the members are also able to amaze many people.

Not only received praise from the fans, BTS final concert even got a perfect score from the British music magazine, NME. Through the official Twitter account, NME uploaded a review article about BTS concert.

The music magazine praised BTS's appearance on the stage complete with  stage layout. The magazine even gave a perfect score of 5 stars for the BTS concert tour that was held in various countries.

"After the cinematic introduction, a dark LED curtain appears along the stage to reveal a digital Greek palace with two giant inflatable statues looming over their bands and dancers. As on every other date on, 'Dionysus' makes everything boisterous," the sound of the NME review.

This certainly reap a lot of response from fans. In Theqoo's online community forum, many fans who also came to the concert expressed their experiences. Some fans who came admitted that BTS concert was truly extraordinary.

"The stage, lighting effects and appearance of Bangtan are the best. I also like the drones and fireworks. Big Hit and BTS are amazing," said fans. "Great!! This is the best concert," said other  fans. "The concert was great, the stage was good and the energy of BTS was no joke," continued other fans.

"I have go to many concerts, but BTS concert is very good. I really like it," added the fans. "This concert is legendary. I think I was dreaming at the time," continued the fans. "Yesterday was great, I cried. I was very happy!" said the fans. "Seriously, the concert was perfect. The singer and the company were very good," said another fan. (

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