BTS Concert in Saudi Arabia Reported Bring Big Influence and Can Change the Law
BTS on October 11 finally greeted their fans in Saudi Arabia on the world tour tour "Speak Yourself". The concert was held at King Fahd International Stadium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and became the first K-Pop music performance to be held at the stadium.

But apart from that, other facts were revealed that BTS concert tour in Saudi Arabia turned out to have a greater influence than people thought. Not only that, this BTS concert also had so much global influence that they caused the laws in Saudi Arabia to change.

Yesterday, Tuesday (10/15), one of SBS TV shows titled "One Night of TV Entertainment" reported more about this. BTS who performed in Saudi Arabia for the first time were warmly welcomed with a sea of ​​purple lights to celebrate their arrival.

Furthermore, to accommodate BTS related to their concerts, laws in Saudi Arabia were even changed only for that night. Usually a couple is not allowed to stay in a hotel without official proof that they are a legal partner. However, the law changed so that 4 days before the concert, foreign men and women could stay in a hotel together without conditions.

In addition, Saudi Arabian women are also permitted to travel without male guards during the concert period. Saudi Arabia itself still enforces gender segregation based on strict interpretations of Islamic law.

Only in the last two years have women been given the right to drive and enter the stadium to watch sports matches and concerts. The BTS concert venue, the King Fahd International Stadium, also marks the history where women can enter the stadium for the first time since the rules were made in September 2017.

Meanwhile, "Love Yourself: Speak Yourself" concert series will be closed at Seoul Olympic Stadium, Seoul, South Korea. The concert will be held on October 26-27 and 29. (

BTS Concert in Saudi Arabia Reported Bring Big Influence and Can Change the Law
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