2NE1 Ex-member Minzy Reap Symphaty After Reportedly Chaotic with the Agency
On Monday (28/10), Korean media Kukmin Ilbo reported that Minzy had applied for an injection to suspend her contract with Music Works on September 25. She also reportedly filed a claim of 50 million won against the agency.

According to Kukmin Ilbo, the court interviewed Minzy's representatives and Music Works representatives and completed all the interrogations on October 18th. The results have not been disclosed.

Then on the same day, other media requested a response to Music Works. A source from the agency stated, "We are examining the contents of the report claiming that Gong Minzy requested an order to suspend her exclusive contract last month."

This situation apparently did not escape the attention of netizens. Considering that Minzy also left YG Entertainment after allegedly receiving unfavorable treatment, netizens were sympathetic to her.

"Life is much more difficult for people who live clean, drug-free and good. Be strong, Minzy. When you've passed this path of thorns, you will find flowers."

"How come that talented singer and dancer ends like this ..."

"The members who destroyed the group are doing well and appearing on TV while the members who are doing their best and not being seen in the group are still suffering ... Makes us think that justice doesn't exist."

"That's why people say that talent is important but so is luck and destiny. Those who are destined to succeed will succeed until they die while those who are destined to not succeed will not succeed."

"She has a bad luck with the agency. Be strong." (www.onkpop.com)
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