NCT Dream's Jaemin Said SM, JYP and Big Hit As The 'Big 3' Agency
NCT Dream's Jaemin recently mentioned three agencies that he said were included in 'Big 3'. Two NCT Dream member, Jeno and Jaemin recently appeared in the latest video from the 'SUBUSU News' program.

In the interview video, the two NCT Dream members acted as judges who auditioned the reporter to become a K-Pop idol. While being audited, the reporter asked Jaemin to mention three agencies included in 'Big 3'.

Jaemin then immediately mentioned SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, but after that he was hesitant to mention the third agency, before finally mentioning Big Hit Entertainment.

Hearing the answer, the reporter immediately praised him by saying, "Wow, he knows the current situation."

You can see Jaemin's statement about the 'Big 3' agency at the 6:15 minute in this video! (

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