NCT Dream Got Their Second Wins for 'BOOM'
NCT Dream again won their second trophy with the song 'BOOM'. This trophy was won by NCT ​​Dream on the latest episode of the program 'The Show' which aired on Tuesday (8/20).

In today's episode "The Show," NCT Dream's "BOOM" is included in the winning nomination with the song "BIM BAM BUM" by Rocket Punch and "Tiki-Taka (99%)" by Weki Meki.

NCT Dream is ahead with a score of 8020 points, while Rocket Punch and Weki Meki get 3809 and 2424 points respectively.

Although NCT Dream members could not welcome the trophy at the end of the event, Jeno as the MC represented the other members to welcome the trophy. Congratulations to NCT Dream! (
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