Mnet's Ex-Staff Reveals the Surprising Fact Of 'Produce X101' Program
A former Mnet staff recently revealed surprising facts from the 'Produce X101' program. The former Mnet staff spoke after the recent controversy over the results of  'Produce X101' final episode voting.

"I think the results of the vote have been manipulated. There have been incidents like this that happened in the past," said the former Mnet staff.

He then surprised many people when he said, "They already know which trainees will be debuted from the start of filming. Nobody will suspects that for every survival program."

Meanwhile, Mnet had previously called a professional team to check the results of the 'Produce X101' final episode voting.

Mnet also met with agencies from the 9 finalists who were eliminated, to discuss the steps they would take if there were trainees who were victims of the voting results. (
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