Oh My Girl Hyojung Open-Up About Her Friendship With Red Velvet Seulgi
Oh My Girl Hyojung recently talk about her friendship with Red Velvet Seulgi. When broadcasting live on V Live recently, a fan asked her how she could get to know Seulgi.

Being asked like that, Hyojung replied, "She is a friend of my friend. We are very close, so we often meet and get very close."

"She is a friend I really care about. Of the many people I know, she is a soft and kind person, she is also a hard worker and very wise. She truly a great person. She also said the same thing about me, but in my opinion, She was far more innocent and kind."

Hyojung then told how she and Seulgi and another friend hang out together and take photos. At that time Seulgi said that she was so happy.

"Seeing her was very happy when the three of us hangout, really cute. She is a very cute person. But when on stage She looks really cool. She is really the best," she said to her bestfriend.
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