Lai Kuanlin's Lawyer Reveal Cube Entertainment's Fault
Lai Kuanlin's lawyer finally revealed the mistake made by Cube Entertainment. After previously submitting a contract termination to Cube Entertainment, Chaeum Attorneys At Law as legal counsel Lai Kuanlin now gave an official statement.

Chaeum Attorneys At Law explained that Cube Entertainment had made a false statement and accompanied public opinion.

According to the attorney, Lai Kuanlin had sent a request to terminate the contract on July 18 and submitted a claim to the Seoul Central District Court to terminate his contract with Cube Entertainment on July 22.

They explained, "Lai Kuanlin signed an exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment on July 25, 2017, and a few months later, in January 2018 Cube sold Lai Kuanlin's exclusive management rights in China to TAJOY Entertainment, a third party company, with a much higher contract value from the payment they gave to Lai Kuanlin. Lai Kuanlin and his parents knew nothing about it at all, and did not agree with this kind of contract."

According to the lawyer, Lai Kuanlin only found out about the contract in April 2019, and on June 21, he sent his first content certification requesting that the breach of the contract be corrected.

"However, Cube Entertainment did not respond to the request at all and said that they did not violate the contract. They destroyed Lai Kuanlin's image by only revealing some facts to the public without explaining the real problem faced by Lai Kuanlin," said the lawyer. (
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