Fans Disagree MAMAMOO Joins Survival Program ‘Queendom’
Fans protests at  RBW agency, after MAMAMOO was confirmed as a participant in the 'Queendom' program. Previously, the 'Queendom' program has confirmed MAMAMOO as one of the participating girl groups, besides Oh My Girl, AOA, (G)I-DLE, Lovelyz and Park Bom.

Through this program, the girl groups and female soloists will later release songs at the same time and compete on music charts.

But many fans feel that they don't agree with it and start protesting with the hashtag #rbw_퀸덤_취소해 (#rbw_cancel_queendom). Fans feel MAMAMOO does not need to take part in the program and they have worked too much.

The hashtag was ranked third on the list of trending topics in South Korea. (
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