Fans Will Sue Mnet With Allegations of 'Produce X101' Voting Counterfeit Results
Fans plan to sue Mnet on charges of falsifying the results of the 'Produce X101' voting program. On Wednesday (7/24), lawyer Goo Hye Min from the law firm MAST Law & Consulting claimed to be representing fans of 'Produce X101' to sue Mnet.

Fans have reportedly formed a committee to uncover the truth behind the results of the 'Produce X101' vote and have prepared funds to finance the claim process.

The attorney said, "Around next week, we will file a lawsuit with the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office of the 'Produce X 101' staff on charges of fraud and fraud in business. Some of the allegations are currently being collected and we are reviewing many cases that we can present, rather than just focusing on one charge."
While attorney Lee Ji Yoon of the Korea Communication Commission said, "If it was revealed that there was an element of corruption between the agencies and production staff of "Produce X 101" that led to vote manipulation, the law on violation of work confidence could also be applied."
Responding to a lawsuit to be filed by fans, Mnet stated, "We know that some fans of 'Produce X101' plan to file a lawsuit with the prosecutor's office. But for the time being we have no official statement."

Previously, fans suspected that there was cheating on the results of the 'Produce X101' final episode voting, because of a uniform vote difference in each ranking. (
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