Daegu City Will Make a Road With Names and Themes of BTS Suga
The city of Daegu is rumored to be building a road that will use the name and theme of Suga BTS. On Wednesday (07/24) representatives from Daegu City Hall said that they had recently met Suga's father.

The meeting was intended to discuss plans for road construction with names and themes related to Suga.

However, it is reported that the Daegu regional government has not yet submitted a proposal regarding the plan to BigHit Entertainment.

The construction of the road is one strategy to attract travelers to Daegu City, which is Suga's hometown. It is planned that the road will be built around 1 Km, which is near Suga's residential area.

The road will also be traversed by a Suga-themed bus, which will invite travelers to pass through Suga school, starting from Taejeon Primary School, Gwaneum Middle School and Gangbok High School. (www.onkpop.com)
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