NCT 127's WinWin Absent From 'Regulate' Album Promotion, Here's the Reason
NCT 127's WinWin is rumored to be absent from the repackage album 'Regulate' promotion. SM Entertainment on Friday (11/23) announced that WinWin could not participate in NCT 127's promotional activities due to conflicting schedules.

As WinWin is currently preparing for promotion in China, because a few months ago there was also news saying that SM Entertainment will soon debut NCT China units.

SM Entertainment said, "We hope you can provide warm support and lots of love for the promotion of the NCT 127 album and the promotion of WinWin in China."
Although not participating in the promotion, WinWin still appeared in the music video and attended the NCT 127 live streaming comeback last night.

In the broadcast, he said, "I also think it's a pity because I can't participate in promoting with everyone. However, I will work hard and come back to meet NCTzen, so please wait a little more. Also, please give a lot of love for this promotion! I will support NCT 127 members with all of you."

After releasing the music video "Simon Says" in the early hours of November 23, a new repackage album "Regulate" will be released at 18:00 local time on the same day. (
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