Zico Officially Leave the Agency, How is Block B?
Block B's Zico has officially confirmed leaving the agency Seven Seasons. On Friday (11/23), Zico's exclusive contract with Seven Seasons has officially ended. Zico is reportedly not extending his contract with the agency and plans to set up his own agency for a career as a solo artist starting next year.

Responding to the report, Seven Seasons confirmed that Zico had indeed decided not to renew his contract. The agency also explained that the other six members of Block B had extended their contracts.

Given the imminent mandatory military duty, Block B members will temporarily focus on individual and unit activities. But the agency said that they still had not discussed Block B's future plans with 7 members, including Zico.

Finally, the agency also expressed their gratitude to Zico, who had not only been a leader for Block B, but also became a producer. (www.onkpop.com)
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