A Former Group Girl Member Reveals Unmanageable K-Pop Group Until Most Honored Group
A former member of girl group revealed a K-Pop group that behaves disrespectfully, to the most respected. Christine Park or who previously had a career with the stage name Tina as a Blady girl group member, recently uploaded the latest video on her Youtube channel.

In a video titled 'Rough and Good K-Pop Idol I've Ever Met', she talked about her experiences when meeting many K-Pop groups.

At first Tina called the idol group the initials 'G' as the group that was most rude. She claimed to often meet with the group and give greetings to them, but members of 'G' had never returned a greeting at all.

Even though according to Tina, she was a big fan of the 'G' group and she wanted the bad memories to be erased from her memory. Fans then speculate that 'G' is GFRIEND or Girls' Day.

After a group that was rude, Tina then discussed the 'B' group which was the best and respected by many idols. Tina said she had been a fan of the 'B' group since she was young and was very happy when she could meet them on a music program.

She admitted that she was very shocked when members of 'B' bowed their bodies to all idols, including rookie idols who also appeared on music programs. Fans speculate that 'B' is Big Bang.

The last time she mentioned the group 'L' was being rude to the staff. According to her story, at that time the staff was giving makeup to members of the 'L' group, but members ‘L 'immediately protested to the staff because they did not like the makeup she gave.

Tina was so shocked because the ‘L member scolded the makeup artist in front of another idol group, when they were all about to go on stage. Many suspect "L" as LABOUM.

You can watch the full video below! (www.onkpop.com) 

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