Wanna One GO Season 4 Program Canceled Due to IZ*ONE?
Disappointing news for Wanna One fans, because the 4th reality video program 'Wanna One GO' has been canceled. It has become a tradition for Wanna One to release a reality show program "Wanna One GO" every time their comeback.

But unlike the previous comeback, in a comeback in November fans will not get the latest season from 'Want One GO' program.

According to the agency the program has been canceled due to the fact that the team previously produced the program 'Wanna One GO' is currently busy with production of 'IZ*ONE Chu', a reality show program for girl groups made by 'Produce 48'.

Meanwhile, Wanna One is scheduled to release their last album on November 19th before their contract expires in December. (www.onkpop.com)
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