IZ*ONE Drop The Tracklist Of Their Debut Mini Album ‘COLOR*IZ’
The rookie girl group IZ*ONE has played song clips again on their debut mini album. As we all know, the girl group made by "Produce 48" is planned to debut on October 29th with the first mini album "COLOR*IZ".

Just a matter of days before the mini-album's release, fans can now hear the songs on the mini-album. The mini album contains several new song titles, including the main song 'La Vie En Rose', then 'A Beautiful Color', 'Oh My' and 'Secret Time'.

Also on this mini album there were songs from 'Produce 48' sung by members of IZ*ONE, namely 'We Together', 'You're In Love, Right?' And 'As We Dream', as well as songs 'Pick Me' which is only available on the physical album.

While waiting for the release of the mini album 'COLOR*IZ', you can listen to the footage from the songs below! (www.onkpop.com)

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