Red Velvet's Wendy and John Legend Combine Powerful Vocals in the MV "Written In The Stars"
Red Velvet's Wendy and John Legend finally released a duet song that many fans had been waiting for. The song of the duet of both Korean and American singers was officially released on Friday (10/19), at 6pm South Korea time.

As mentioned earlier, "Written In The Stars" is a duet song released through the "STATION x 0" project.

With the powerful vocals from each singer, they both sang this sweet duet with the accompaniment of R & B acoustic music and lyrics in English.

Later, SM Entertainment did indeed expand its wings in the US music market, starting from NCT 127 which released the song 'Regular' in English, and EXO's Lay which debuted solo in America with the song 'NAMANANA'.

You can immediately listen to the powerful vocal mixes from Wendy and John Legend in the following "Written In The Stars" music video! (
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