This Is YG Entertainment's Firm Response About Yang Hyun Suk's Infidelity Rumors With Black Pink's Jennie
After the news emerged that Jennie was preparing for a solo debut, rumors circulated that Yang Hyun Suk had an affair relationship with this Black Pink's member. In one of the online forums in Korea recently it was shocked to hear rumors claiming that Yang Hyun Suk had an affair with Jennie.

This is because Jennie is always claimed to get more spotlight than the other three member.

In addition, Black Pink member who have lived in New Zealand for a long time claimed to receive various special treatments from the agency, until at its peak, it was surprisingly rumored that Jennie had finished shooting the MV for her solo debut while traveling to Europe some time ago, though not there was the announcement of the debut of Black Pink's solo personnel before.

The news of Black Pink's solo debut was followed by YG Entertainment's announcement confirming that Rose, Jisoo and Lisa will also release their respective solo songs.

But news of Jennie's solo debut, which was first smelled by media outlets in Korea, raised suspicions among netizens, until news claimed Yang Hyun Suk had an affair with Jennie.

To suppress these untrue rumors, YG Entertainment has released an official statement announcing, "We have filed a complaint at the Mapo Seoul Police Station on the afternoon of the 18th against a rumor distributor on the internet who slandered the characters and spread lies. There will be no penalty relief. "

It seems that YG Entertainment will not act gently about rumors that defame the reputation of the boss and founder. (
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