Look At How Funny Seungri Is Promoting Indonesian Film "The Night Comes For Us" on Netflix
Big Bang's Seungri was involved in the promotion of Indonesian film "The Night Comes For Us" on Netflix. "The Night Comes For Us" is the first Netflix original content from Indonesia.

Netflix's original film stars various actors, 'The Raid' and 'The Raid 2', such as Joe Taslim, Iko Uwais, Julie Estelle, and many more. The film was released on Friday (10/19) at 14.00 WIB on Netflix Indonesia.

A few hours before the launch of the film, Netflix Indonesia account on Instagram uploaded a video featuring Seungri and Joe Taslim.

In this video Seungri asked Joe Taslim to promote the 'YG Future Strategy Office' sitcom on Netflix. Instead of promoting the sitcom, Seungri was asked by Joe Taslim to promote the film "The Night Comes For Us".

The funny thing is that Joe Taslim also tempted Seungri by saying that "The Night Comes For Us" might be better than "YG Future Strategy Office".

As we know, Seungri recently launched a sitcom on Netflix. According to him, the sitcom will have subtitles in Indonesian, so that Indonesia fans can also enjoy the sitcom on Netflix. (www.onkpop.com)

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