Netizens Criticize Red Velvet's Stylists at '2018 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards'
Korean netizens gave their criticisms to the girl's fashion group Red Velvet. On October 24th, Red Velvet was present as one of the celebrities who received the trophy at the "Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards 2018" award.

But netizen's attention was then directed to the clothes used by Red Velvet members while attending the event.

According to netizens, Red Velvet's stylist does not provide decent and good clothes to SM Entertainment girl group members. So many netizens complained about the performance of the stylist and gave their scathing criticism.

Like Korean netizen comments quoted from Pann website,

"People won't even wear clothes like this at the 8090 award ceremony,"

"Are their fashion stylists always like that?"

"There really isn't any hope at all,"

"I felt that their fashion stylists tried very hard to imitate the style of Black Pink dress, but failed miserably,"

"Fortunately, Red Velvet members still look beautiful,"
the other commented.

How do you respond to the clothes used by Red Velvet members? (
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