Lai Kuan Lin rumored to be in Tiongkok's Agency, Korean Netizens Are Grateful That There Are No Chinese Members in BTS
One member of Wanna One, Lai Kuan Lin was later rumored to be entering an agency in China. This report was first published by popular media in China, Sina, which stated that Lai Kuan Lin would be active in China after the contract with Wanna One ended.

Given Lai Kuan Lin's huge popularity in China, many companies there are trying to hook him into being an artist in their agency or using it as their product brand model.

Even so, previously Cube Entertainment said that the decision regarding Lai Kuan Lin's contract with the agency in China would only be decided after his contract with Wanna One was over.

Responding to this news, many Korean netizens were not happy, because many Chinese K-Pop idols returned to their hometowns, instead of continuing their careers in South Korea.

Even there are netizens who claim to be grateful, because none of the members of Bangtan Boys are from China. Like their comments on the Nate site,

"I told you, all Chinese must want to run away,"

"Actually, he was still a trainee at the Cube after his contract with Wanna One ended. So it's really not a problem if he wants to go out or not? "

"So he also wants to escape to China?"

"There is absolutely no Chinese member in Bangtan Boys,"

"He is ready to betray even before his contract with Wanna One ends, hahaha,"

"Please only enter Koreans in the idol group. Come to think of it, aren't all the legendary idol groups of its members all from Korea?”
And many other similar comments. (
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