NCT 127 ‘Regular-Irregular’ Album Peaked the iTunes Chart in 22 Countries
Comeback with the latest album, NCT 127 has successfully topped the iTunes chart in various countries.

On October 12, boygroup from SM Entertainment released the first full album entitled "Regular-Irregular" along with the MV "Regular".

Just a few hours, the album managed to shift the entire album on various charts ranging from Hanteo, Synnara, Kyobo Bookstore, and Hottracks.

"Regular-Irregular" also managed to seize the attention of various listeners on iTunes, where NCT 127 comeback album took over the first rank in various countries.

Ranging from Greece, Poland, Romania, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Chile, Peru, India, Costa Rica, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brunei, and Indonesia, there are names and NCT 127's latest album at the top of the chart.

Currently, NCT 127 is busy with their promotion schedule on various American programs, and they are also scheduled to perform at the red carpet event '2018 American Music Awards'. (
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