APINK's Eunji Successfully Makes Fans Hysterical by Singing ‘Dlwlrma’ Through Collaboration with IU
APINK's Eunji managed to make her fans scream hysterically with the appearance of his collaboration with IU.

At a solo concert titled 'Hyehwa Station' which was held on October 14, APINK girl group vocalist who planned to make a comeback with the 3rd mini album "Hyehwa" was the arrival of two special guest stars, Jung Seung Hwan and IU.

One collaboration that was so attention-grabbing was when Eunji sang IU's song entitled 'Dlwlrma'. In their second collaboration performance, Eunji seemed to be a little shy about singing to dance dance choreography with the owner of the original song, but this made fans even more screaming hysterically.

Intrigued by the performance of these two talented singers? Just look at the video below! (www.onkpop.com)

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