Hyeyeon Confirmed Left Gugudan Due To Health Issues
The shocking news came from one member of Gugudan, Hyeyeon, who was rumored left the group. The news was announced directly by Jellyfish Entertainment through the official Gugudan fancafe page on the afternoon of Thursday (25/10).

In the announcement, the agency said that they had recently held a long discussion with Hyeyeon. Through the discussion, it was decided that Hyeyeon would end her activities with Gugudan to focus on her education and restore her health.

But Jellyfish Entertainment agency confirmed that Hyeyeon was still under contract with them and was still the artist of the agency, even though she was no longer a member of Gugudan.

Finally, the agency asked fans to continue to provide support for Hyeyeon and the remaining 8 Gugudan members.

Meanwhile, 8 other Gugudan members are scheduled to make a comeback in Korea on November 6th. (www.onkpop.com)
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