Kiha & The Faces Band Announce Disband  Immediately
Disappointing news for Kiha & The Faces fans, because this one rock band has decided to disband immediately. This was conveyed directly by the personnel through their respective social media accounts on Thursday (10/18).

According to Jang Kiha as the band's vocalist, "Our fifth album will be the last album of Kiha & The Faces. Starting the first day in 2019, the six of us will walk on each other's paths."

Kiha & The Faces is a band formed in 2008 and debuted with a song titled "Cheap Coffee". The band is known for its music style which is very unique and different from most rock bands in South Korea.

Before disbanding, members of Kiha & The Faces promised to spend most of their time with fans. As the band's personnel wrote, "From today to December 31, more than ever, we will often spend time with fans."

The band, which is fronted by IU's ex-girlfriend, plans to release their last album on November 5 and hold the last concert in Korea. (
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