The East Light Member's Are Reported to be Victims Of Physical Violence From The Producer and CEO of The Agency
The East Light's members are reported to be victims of physical violence from the producer and CEO of their agency. According to Xportsnews media report on Thursday (18/10), The East Light members were victims of verbal violence by the CEO of Media Line Entertainment agency, Kim Chang Hwan, and physical violence by a producer since 2015.

One informant said, "Producer ‘A’ not only verbally abused and punished members of The East Light, who were underage, but also slapped their faces and carried out physical violence with baseball bat, iron microphone and many more"

Producer ‘A’ also reportedly put guitar strings to the neck of one of the member and then pulled the string every time he made a mistake. If a band member tries to report his actions, the producer threatens them by saying, "I will kill you"

As a result, many members experience injuries ranging from bleeding to the head to bruising on the buttocks.

CEO Kim Chang Hwan also reportedly allowed the violence and also often cursed and threatened  members. After seeing the producer "A" confine them and commit physical violence, Kim Chang Hwan only commented, "Don't be too hard with them."

Currently the members have hired a lawyer and prepared their lawsuit to the agency. When it was confirmed the Media Line Entertainment agency only said, "We are currently checking it."

The East Light was a teenage band that officially debuted in November 2016. (
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