Golden Child Release 7 New Songs for Comeback with Mini Album ‘WISH’
Rookie group boy, Golden Child has just released another teaser that plays new songs in a video. On October 16th, Woollim Entertainment released a video preview that featured footage of seven new songs from the comeback mini album 'WISH' owned by Golden Child.

The song titled 'Genie' was chosen as the title track, described as a pop-dance song with a light synth decorated. In the preview video we can also see a row of composer names that produce songs, where the name SEION is known to be the person behind the creation of the title track 'Genie'.

SEION is a well-known producer who also created songs for ‘Mr. Chu ’APINK,‘ Fly High ’Dreamcatcher,‘ Don’t Love Me ’Hyorin,‘ Why Me ’Infinite and many more.

Just listen to a snippet of Golden Child's new songs in the video below! (

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