Playing iKON Videos at WINNER Concert, Fans Ask YG to Apologize
WINNER concert staff made the mistake of playing iKON videos during the concert. WINNER recently held their concert tour in Malaysia. But when the concert began, the audience was amazed because iKON videos were played on the screen instead of videos from WINNER members.

Not only that, after the concert ended the staff also played iKON songs so that it raised anger from fans. Moreover, according to fans this is not the first time YG Entertainment staff made a mistake on WINNER.

The fans then brought up the mistakes made by staff when writing WINNER fans as iKONIC. Yang Hyun Suk also made a post for the iKON concert tour using the WINNER promotional hashtag.

This is what makes many fans demand an apology from YG Entertainment for the mistakes they made against WINNER.

How do you respond to this controversy? (
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