Lee Jong Suk Decided To Ended The Contract With His New Label YNK Entertainment
Lee Jong Suk said have ended a contract with his new agency, YNK Entertainment. Reporting from Star News on Monday (15/10), Lee Jong Suk has canceled his contract with YNK Entertainment in September.

A representative from YNK's agency also confirmed the news, saying "We decided not to start our management with Lee Jong Sukk in September."

They continued, "We will split up with Lee Jong Suk, but we hope [he] has a good future."
After deciding to leave YG Entertainment, Lee Jong Suk who had a contract with YNK in April, and the contract only went on for 5 months until finally the actor decided to leave again.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk will return to the screen by a romantic comedy drama with Lee Na Young in 2019. (www.onkpop.com)
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