Criticized Not Have Vocalist, Here is UNB's Response
Members of UNB responded to the criticism of netizens posted to them. UNB is a boy group made by 'The Unit' which will debut with girl group UNI.T in April.

Ahead of their fanmeeting event, UNB members attended a press conference. Given the number of unsuccessful vocalists who debut as a member of UNB, the group boy dropout 'The Unit' should receive criticism from netizens.

In response, Jun said, "There are so many rappers in our group, and we all think we should sing even though we are rapper, so we practice very hard. We are ready to break the prejudices of many people."

While Euijin added, "We heard comments about the vocal ability of the members. Because of the criticism, the rapper members sang and vice versa, everyone tried to show their best. We are training so hard that our ability can be acknowledged."
Are you looking forward to the debut of this boy group? (
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