AOA's Chanmi and CLC's Yoojin Rumored to Become Participant in 'Produce 48'
Two girl group members, AOA's Chanmi and CLC's Yoojin are rumored to be starring in Mnet's new survival program. 'Produce 48' is a survival program that will involve an idol trainee from South Korea and Japan.

Later the rumors circulated that mention the names of participants who came from South Korea. Some names such as AOA's Chanmi , CLC's Yoojin and ex SMROOKIES' Hina.

And then, there are also names that have previously participated in other survival programs, such as three former 'Idol School' Bae Eun Young, Lee Si An, Cho Yoo Ri and former contestants of 'Produce 101' Lee Yoon Seo, Dani, Han Hye Ri, as well as former contestant of 'SIXTEEN', Minyoung.

'Produce 48' is also rumored to involve members of the Japanese idol group, AKB48. (
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