Jo Kwon Explains The Reasons He Join Cube Entertainment
Jo Kwon explains why he chose to go to Cube Entertainment agency. Yesterday 2AM personnel is indeed reported to have signed a contract with Cube Entertainment, after leaving JYP Entertainment in September.

After making many fans wonder about his decision to go to the agency, Jo Kwon made a post on Instagram.

In the post he wrote, "After being with JYP Entertainment for 16 years, from teenage years to 20 years, I chose Cube Entertainment as my new home in 2017. I've been friends with Cube Entertainment, I feel their sincerity towards the spirit and my vision, so I decided to join Cube Entertainment. "

"I hear a lot of worries about my future because I've been sheltering only in one agency, but I'll do my best whatever's waiting for me in the future and I'll work hard so you can see me in a positive light."

"My family at JYP Entertainment is also happy for me and gives me a lot of support. No matter where, I'm still Jo Kwon, and I'll show you all my best efforts. Thanks to my family and fans, who still trusted me and supported me. Thanks. Keep going," he wrote.

Jo Kwon is now joining a row of idols at Cube Entertainment, including Hyuna who was ever under JYP Entertainment. (

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