One Direction's Fans Not Accept BTS Called The Biggest Boy Band In The World
Fans of One Direction broadcast their protests in social media against Bangtan Boys. Controversy began to occur after Bangtan Boys attended a talk show program on US television.

Through his personal Twitter account, Jimmy Kimmel wrote the name of Bangtan Boys as the most popular boy band in the world. While James Corden called Bangtan Boys as the biggest boy band in the world when he introduced the members.

Knowing it, apparently many fans of One Direction who feel not accept. One Direction's fans then create trending topics with hashtag # 1DisStillTheBiggestBoyband which means "One Direction remains the biggest boyband."

Some of One Direction's fan comments on Twitter such as, "Just remind, no boy band bigger than One Direction," "No other band can be as successful as One Direction," "BTS is the biggest in Asia, but One Direction remains the biggest in world," and various other comments.

How do you respond to this One Direction fan's statement? (

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