JYP and YG Trainees Show They Skill Performance in 'Stray Kids'
JYP and YG Trainees finally show their individual talent through the latest episode of 'Stray Kids'. The latest episode of 'Stray Kids' airs Park Jin Young's visit with JYP Entertainment trainees to YG Entertainment.

Through this opportunity, both agency bosses will evaluate their trainees together through the appearance to be presented.

The fans can also see the new faces of YG Entertainment trainees, including Bang Yedam who surprised Park Jin Young, as he was growing up.

The first appearance is shown by a rapper team from JYP Entertainment, 3RACHA, which consists of Seo Chang Bin and Han Ji Sung. With great lyrics and flow, both managed to amaze everyone including Yang Hyun Suk.

After the two rapper, Bang Yedam's turn showed his talent by singing 'There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back 'Shawn Mendes. After bringing this song, Yang Hyun Suk said that he really wanted to show how far Bang Yedam has grown since the last time starred in 'K-Pop Star'. 

While Park Jin Young praised her by commenting, "As expected, Bang Yedam is Bang Yedam."
While the next appearance of the new trainees can be witnessed in the episode of 'Stray Kids' next week. (www.onkpop.com)

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