Tiffany Talk About Career Plans After Leave SM Entertainment
Tiffany Hwang for the first time spoke to the public after leaving SM Entertainment agency. Recently Tiffany did a photo shoot with Ceci magazine, which she also talked about her dreams, her career, and her current activities.

When asked what she is doing right now, Tiffany replied, "Since September I went to school and took an acting class. I also keep working on music. That is something I started without expecting the help of others because it is something I want."

She then asked her feelings after returning to Los Angeles, "I am here it feels very natural. I'm glad that I can now enjoy movies, music, Disney Land, and a lot of things I've loved for a long time."

After leaving SM Entertainment, Tiffany plans to focus on her acting career and enter the US entertainment industry. 

"Everyone says it's not easy for Asians to get into the American entertainment industry. But you just have to work hard. Nothing is easy. Instead of getting worried, I'll spend my time practicing."

Last, she said, "I want to give a good influence to anyone who has a dream in this field," (

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